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Kitchen Garden

We are an official Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School


"First and foremost, we want to enchant and engage the children. Children are unimpressed by lists or pyramids that separate the ‘good for you' from the ‘not good foryou' foods'.

But get them digging and planting and picking, or get them mixing or rolling or chopping, or get them around a table with their own freshly baked pizza topped with their own tomato sauce, liberally scattered with herbs from the garden, and the result is enthusiasm, real learning and great flavours."

Stephanie Alexander



Each week students in Years 3 - 6 spend time gardening in our school vegetable gardens and orchards that were built by the children and school community in 2011. The children also spend one and a half hours each week in the purpose built school kitchen, preparing and sharing delicious and seasonally inspired dishes with food harvested from our gardens. The lesson culminates in the sharing and eating together in a family atmosphere.


In the kitchen and garden lessons students work in small groups on real life tasks under the guidance of our Kitchen Garden Specialist, their classroom teacher and our Kitchen Garden volunteers. They have the opportunity to be engaged in literacy and numeracy activities which have real purpose.


The students at Zig Zag Public School are extremely proud of our garden and kitchen, each week they are involved in the growing, tending, harvesting, cooking, serving and tasting their delicious gardening efforts. This program is not an occasional lesson, however it is part of our students weekly curriculum for four years.


Our school is very proud to be officially recognised as a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School. If you would like to learn more please visit the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation SAKG Foundation.

If you would like to be a volunteer in the kitchen or garden please contact Zig Zag Public School on (02) 6351 2352.